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"The Moon is a reminder that no matter what phase we are in, we are still whole."

Who Am I?

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Who Am I?Who Am I?
My name is Lysa Fey (pronounced Lisa Fay) and I’m a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Balancer of Chakras, and an Energy Intuitive/Medium.

Energy work is an alternative, natural and non-invasive way to assist along your self-care journey. The holistic practice Mooncycle Wellness offers is extremely complementary to experience while also receiving other eastern and/or western medicine and healing modalities.

An energy work session with Mooncycle Wellness is ultimately teamwork - myself, my client, and the universe. While my job is important, I am simply the conduit and the messenger between you and the Universe. Reiki heals what needs to be healed and reveals what needs to be revealed. It is subtle yet powerful, with the ability to be received in person or distantly.

I specialize in:
  • Clearing, balancing and realigning chakras using reiki, healing touch, crystals and tuning forks.
  • Clearing pockets of energy within the bodies torus, or torodial field, as well as sealing energetic leaks, using tuning forks and signing bowls.
  • Connecting with your guides/guardians/angels/light family.
  • Breath work.
  • Meditation.
  • Assisting and supporting other healers through energy work and holding space for them. 
  • Assisting and supporting individuals who work with the dead through energy work and holding space for them.
  • Offering gentle and loving space through energy work for those who are close to crossing over.

I truly look forward to meeting you on your self-care journey. Your questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Have a beautiful day!

PS Watch for my patreon channel coming soon!

Happily serving Thurston and Pierce County, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, University Place, Dupont, Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM).


Reiki and Energy Work Sessions for Adults

These sessions include reiki, healing touch, crystal healing and chakra balancing.

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Reiki and Energy Work Sessions for Children

These sessions include reiki, healing touch, crystal healing and chakra balancing.

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Full and New Moon Energy Work Sessions

Schedule your session to coincide with the New or Full Moon!

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Group Quantum Energy Healing Sessions

Group Distant Healing Energy Work Sessions in the comfort of your own home!

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Distant Healing Sessions for Adults

These sessions include crystal healing, chakra balaning and healing touch remotely over Zoom.

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Crystal Healing Sessions for Adults

These sessions include crystal healing, chakra balancing and healing touch.

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Crossing Over Sessions

These sessions are for those who are ill and nearing the end of life.

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Payment Options, Discounts and Referral Program

Includes Mooncycle Wellness payment options for new and established clients, Veteran and Senior Discounts, and our Refer-a-Friend Program!

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Mooncycle Wellness Cancellation Policy

Includes the cancellation and no-show policy for all Mooncycle Wellness clients.

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Client Consent Form

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Reiki Training

Welcome to Reiki Level 1 Training!
July 30 – August 1, 2021

In-person training held outdoors on a Christmas Tree farm!

$180 per student

Four students minimum – six students max.

Training Schedule

Friday July 30, 2021
6 pm – 9 pm
Meet and Greet / Reiki history and principles / Getting in touch with our energy / Intro to the Chakra system / Meditation / Beverages and snacks provided

Saturday July 31, 2021
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Coffee and muffin dream chat / Hands-on training all day / Open discussion about reiki, energy work and chakras all day / First attunement / Breakfast and beverages provided / Bring your own lunch

Sunday August 1, 2021
10 am – 2 pm
More hands-on practice / More open discussion / Second attunement / Beverages and snacks provided

Contact Lysa Fey for more details!
Reiki Training


This page represents some of my clients, how they feel about me and the work we have done with one another over the years. Their words are their own, and so are the photos.


I look forward to meeting you!

  • 677 Woodland Square Loop Southeast Suite A-9, Lacey, WA, USA

Covid Requirements

Please read the following information regarding Covid-19. Mooncycle Wellness is currently accepting new clients!


The health and wellbeing of all Mooncycle Wellness clients is extremely important to Lysa. The following is a list of requirements derived from the State of Washington and the Department of Health. Please read the following information carefully:
  1. All Mooncycle Wellness clients must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to their appointment. 
  2. Please do not bring a guest, unless you are bringing a child younger than 16 to their appointment.
  3. All Mooncycle Wellness clients must wear a face covering prior to entering the building.
  4. All Mooncycle Wellness Clients are required to wash their hands prior to their session.
  5. All Mooncycle Wellness Clients will have a temperature check upon arrival of their session.
  6. Cash is still accepted however, return clients may also pay by check and ALL clients can now pay via Venmo. @mooncyclewellness Please note that effective April 1, 2021 there will be a $2.50 service fee added to the session fee. All NSF checks will be charged a $25 service fee.
  7. Sheets will be used in lieu of blankets. All clients must allow the sheet to cover their whole body up to their neck. Please note that blankets will be available through Fall and Winter if a client requests one. 
  8. A cloth eye covering will be used during each session. Mooncycle Wellness will provide the coverings – please do not bring your own. They will be washed after each use.
The following are Mooncycle Wellness requirements for all clients during and after Phase 3:
  1. Shoes must be removed prior to entering the office of Mooncycle Wellness. It is recommended that you wear socks especially if your feet get cold easily. Please bring a clean pair of socks with you. Socks will not be provided.
  2. Mooncycle Wellness is a fragrance-free space. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes/colognes and/or using strong smelling soaps the day of your session.
Along with the Phase 3 requirements for clients set forth by the State of Washington, Mooncycle Wellness will also be following the Phase 3 requirements for employers, as well as a few other precautions.

To ensure that I am healthy for myself and my clients, I will be self-screening the night before your appointment, along with prior to starting each work day. If you do not feel well, have had a fever in the last 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, or suspect that you may have COVID-19, do not come to your session! Please call to reschedule. (See cancellation policy below.):
  1. Lysa is required to self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to work each day.
  2. Lysa is required to wear a face covering while working with clients.
  3. Lysa is required to wash her hands before and after each session.
  4. Lysa is required to clean the office before and after each client with proper disinfectants.  
  5. Hand sanitizer will be available for each client in the lobby as well as in the Mooncycle Wellness office.
  6. Each client will receive fresh linens and eye coverings for their session. All linens and eye coverings will be laundered at the end of the day.
  7. Most crystals used during each session will almost always be tumbled stones. These stones can more easily be washed then crystals and stones that are raw, rough or too delicate to be cleaned with soap and water.
  8. Water will still be offered after each session however cups will be disposable rather than glass.
Mooncycle Wellness Cancellation Policy
All clients are asked to please provide at least 24-hour notice if they need to cancel their appointment. We understand that life happens and appreciate that this may not always be possible. Please do your best. We are grateful to be notified rather than a client not arriving to their scheduled appointment.

If three appointments have been cancelled in a row, regardless of whether 24-hour notice was provided or not, no further appointments will be scheduled.

If a client does not show up for their appointment, they must pay a $25 no-show fee along with the session fee at their next appointment. If a client has two no-shows, regardless of whether they are in a row or not, no further appointments will be scheduled.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Despite all of the requirements/precautions, I trust you will have an amazing session! I look forward to seeing you soon~

Most Sincerely,
Lysa Fey
Covid Requirements

What is Reiki?

Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the emotional and physical effects of unreleased stress.

What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is from the Japanese words Rei meaning "Universal" and Ki meaning "Life Force Energy".

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive form of natural healing that works with the body's energetic system - also known as the chakra system. The chakra system has seven main energy centers that run from the crown of our head, to the base of the spine. Reiki assists in clearing and realigning the chakras. It restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the emotional and physical effects of unreleased stress. Reiki ultimately offers us the gentle, yet profound ability to heal from the inside out.

Reiki is not a massage. It is simply a laying on of hands, or rather certain hand placements that all certified Reiki Practitioners have been taught. You are fully clothed during a Reiki session. Some individuals are Reiki Practioners, some are Reiki Masters, some are Master/Teachers. Some have psychic or spiritual type abilties, and many are taught in other types of healing modalities.

Each Reiki session is unique and personal, even though the hand placements will always be familiar to the client who returns again and again. All sessions are deeply relaxing.

Reiki is an alternative method of healing that can be used alone, or in combination with treatment being received by a healthcare provider. You may chose to have just one session in this lifetime, or you may chose to have many. In the end, Reiki sessions are all about you. You should ALWAYS feel safe with your Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is capable of adapting to the individual needs of the person receiving it. The many benefits you may anticipate from Reiki include - stress relief; mind-clearing and improved mental focus; improved sleep; pain reduction; an acceleration of the body's ability to heal itself; the cleansing of toxins from the body; immune system support; and spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.

Now, what about those chakras!

Happily serving Thurston and Pierce County, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, University Place, Dupont, Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM).

What are Chakras?

A beautifully designed energetic system that plays a important role in our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and well-being.

The chakra system came to the West through the practice of yoga. Although chakras were first referenced over 2000 years ago in Hindu texts, they did not show up in the Western world until 1919.

In the 1960's, a broader interest in Eastern spirituality and healing took place, and with it a more accepting attitude towards the chakra system and how it works. Today, many holistic and alternative practitioners utilize the teachings of the chakra system in their practice for overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel or disk. We have seven main chakras that run from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. Each chakra is like a spinning wheel, or vortex of energy, stacked up and down the spine, taking in information at its own vibratory level.

Each of the seven chakras within the chakra system have their own primary functions, basic emotional connections, correspond to certain locations in the body, and have certain goals and principles. Furthermore, each chakra is represented by its own color, element, planet, crystal, aromatherapy, food, sound, and even yoga positions.

Many of us live fast-paced, stressful lives which makes us tired, over-worked, and lacking in proper self-care. This and the every-day, real-life struggles we face are the many reasons why our chakras may become blocked or compromised.

But our chakras are resilient and can be healed. A practitioner who specializes in chakra balancing has the ability to assist you in helping bring your chakra system into alignment again. They can also assist you with knowledge on the chakra system itself, share information about your specific chakras that may have been compromised during your energy work session, and what you can do in your daily life to maintain the balance created during your session.

Whether your journey includes only one session with a chakra balancing practitioner, or it becomes a regular part of your self-care routine, the benefits of working with an individual who you trust and feel safe with are invaluable.

Mooncycle Wellness Chakra Handouts

Root Chakra.pdf ~ Sacral Chakra.pdf ~ Solar Plexus Chakra.pdf ~ Heart Chakra.pdf ~ Throat Chakra.pdf ~

Coming Soon - Brow and Crown Chakras

Happily serving Thurston and Pierce County, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, University Place, Dupont, Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM).

What is Crystal Healing?

Raising your vibration one stone at a time!

What is Crystal Healing? I promise, crystals are not just rocks!

I began working with crystals in 2010. It started with the large quartz crystal I received as a gift from my Reiki teacher when I became a Reiki Master. If I noticed a client feeling anxious I would have them hold the crystal, then do some deep breathing techniques. This combination always reduced their anxiety, bringing them back and allowing them to enjoy their session again.

As time went on, I got a few other crystals that corresponded with the colors of the chakras and would periodically use them during Reiki sessions. I could tell energetically that they enhanced the experience, not just for my clients, but also for me.

I thought I needed to know all the metaphysical aspects of crystals. And wow there are so many! And sometimes, the information out there is conflicting. This book says one thing. That book says another. And then you google the info and you're just bombarded with descriptions! The good news is - we don't need to know or memorize all the properties! And some crystals resonate with one person but not with another. Crystals and stones are as individual as people are.

In 2019, as I began my manifestation and self-expansion journey, the opportunity to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner (CCP) was presented to me. What I appreciated about the program I too through the Hibiscus Moon Academy was the science behind crystals. There is scientific proof that crystals create energy. That crystals and stones are made up of minerals which can have a profound effect on us mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. And as I began to collect more, practice more, learn more, and experience more, I was able to witness the legitimate benefit they were having for my clients and the work that we do together.

When I read clearly biased articles about crystal healing, they always say that we crystal healers claim to be able to heal diseases and such. Where do they get this information? An honest healer will never claim to be able to "heal" anything!

What crystals and stones do is simply raise the vibration, or the frequency, of the work that is done during a session. They actually help you and I work a little less harder in our session because crystals are doing some of the work for us! When a chakra is blocked and Reiki alone isn't clearing the blockage, placing a crystal or stone over that chakra and doing some specific cleansing work in that area, increases the clearing of that chakra significantly. For those who are sensitive to energetic vibration, they will no doubt feel the healing qualities of the crystals on them during their session. For those who are not as in tune, they will "feel something" but may not be able to put those feelings into words. At least not the first time!

Are you a skeptic? That's okay. I'm cool with that. But I invite and encourage you to experience a session before you officially make a final decision on whether crystal healing works or not. You may walk away going "Meh, whatever!" or you may walk away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and just a tad bit curious. And there isn't anyone I know who wouldn't want to experience the latter!

Visit my Energy Work Sessions page for more info. I look forward to meeting you!

Crystal Blessings,

Happily serving Thurston and Pierce County, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, University Place, Dupont, Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM).