Are you currently a South Puget Sound Community College student? If so, check out the student life program because there are cool free workshops you can attend, including mine!

2023 Spring Quarter Mooncycle Wellness Workshop at SPSCC
April 26
May 24
June 14

Group Energy Work Sessions

Join me for a total mind, body, and spirit experience. All you have to do is show up and relax, allowing yourself to surrender to the healing powers of Reiki and Sound.

Each session will include the energy work of reiki and healing touch, as well as sound healing through tuning forks, sound bowls and chimes. We will call in the nurturing and soothing energy of the moon as well as giving each participant the opportunity to set an intention for the session.

Individually and collectively the group will experience healing and regeneration at an energetic level.

This opportunity is free to all currently enrolled SPSCC students. I look forward to seeing you there! Please bring a yoga type mat, or something to lay on, as well as a blanket and/or pillow so you are warm and comfy.
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