Tacoma Energy Work Sessions

Tacoma Energy Work Sessions

I'm excited to announce that I am a weekly practitioner every Thursday at Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center located at 3802 S. Cedar Street in Tacoma, WA.

Two hour Energy Work sessions are available as well as half hour and one hour crystal healing layout sessions. 

Crystal Healing Sessions

One hour session with an energy exchange of $80.

Two hour sessions, which are more personal as we have a meet and greet time, as well as time after the session for us to talk about your experience. Energy exchange - $150 paid via Venmo/Check - $135 paid via cash.

New clients – Cash or Venmo / Return clients – Cash, Check or Venmo


Grounding Session

Settle into your root and earth star chakra with a crystal layout created to stabilize and center you. 

Transformation Session

Embrace and enhance your current journey with this powerful crystal layout created to guide you and release what is no longer serving you.  

Chakra Balancing Session

Realign your body’s natural energetic system with a crystal layout created to unblock and rebalance your chakras.