I feel like for me...the hapé ceremony was a gateway to unlocking another level of myself. I'm feeling more sensual, more accepting of receiving self love, giving myself permission to love myself and I feel like there will be more to come this week. I'm truly grateful to have opened up my treasure chest of light. 

Carmen H.

 My experience with this ceremony is hard to describe in a few words. It was absolutely grounding and comforting. A feeling of being at home really hit me with the realization that I am home. Wherever I am is "home". What I have been seeking has been within me this entire time - just finally allowing myself to open the door and say hello. This beautiful plant medicine was a gentle aid and push forward that I have needed. That I don't need to fear or worry. 

Jenny Q.

 My hapé experience was beyond words. So grounding and yet incredibly uplifting. There was so much that was brought to light in an amazingly spiritual experience. The space you have created to hold space for others is breathtaking and your soul emanates glorious light. My gratitude is beyond words! 

Rachel G.

 "Today I exeperienced my first hapé ceremony with Lysa and it was AMAZING! I wasn't sure what to expect with this experience, but it was beyond anything I could have imagined. I have been dealing with depression, stress and anxiety for years and traditional medicine either hasn't worked or the side affects were worse than what I was going through. Ceremony has given me hope that I can move past this and can start living my life again. Lysa was welcoming, made sure I felt comfortable and answered all of my questions (maybe even the same ones a few times!). I felt calm and peaceful. The card reading and meditation that went along with ceremony also helped. I left feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually better than I have in years. I am looking forward to attending more ceremonies in the future! 

Debbie C.

 "Thank you! This ceremony was very special. It has helped me let go of everything that has been dwelling in my head for the past month and a half. It has helped me realize how to let my emotions flow through me and to feel my emotions rather than bottle them up. I cannot thank you enough or even put into enough words how to describe how amazing ceremony is for someone's soul. I will be coming back!" 


 "I was not sure what to expect, but this ceremony was exactly what I needed. The environment was lovely, and the entire group was very welcoming. After the ceremony I felt great and that feeling held strong through the weekend. I will definitely be participating again!" 

Nikki A.